And they call us nasty . . .

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Last week we had Halifax’s Labour MP Linda Riordan heading a protest over government cuts to public services.

With the recent report on what can only be described as “Romanian Orphanage” standards of care at East Stafford NHS trust, and over the past 12 months in Calderdale, 4 LEA schools put into special measures, one must ask why Labour still believes its management of public services is the model we should follow. I would like to remind her and her Labour colleagues that their government pumped billions of pounds of borrowed money into both education and the NHS with little or no improvement in services. Their ingrained, trade union centric, British Leyland, unaccountable culture, has resulting in public services that are some of the worst in the western world. Furthermore we will be re-paying their debts well into the future. They live in a bubble spending enormous amounts of human energy producing useless inspection reports and so called opinion surveys to try and delude the public into believing services are improving. They love to call the Conservatives the nasty party, well I can’t think of a nastier thing to do than treat the sick in hospitals the likes of East Staffordshire.

Andrew Tagg

Bishopdale Court