BBC will find political pundits

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Shaw Street

Holywell Green

As an avid viewer of BBC’s left wing propaganda programme Question Time, I am intrigued of who will be selected for the program which is to be presented from inside Wormwood Scrubs.

I think David Dimbleby should take a rest next week and the chairman should be non other than our old friend Teflon Tony, after all he has got away with murder during his years in office.

As other panellists are wanted this should create no problem for the leftie BBC as Parliament is full of cheating members. Three are already serving time for abusing the expenses system and many more have been fortunate to get away with it. So if you slip in former Home Secretary Jackie Smith who got away with claiming living allowances of £100k for pretending her sisters bedroom was her main home.

David Laws was paying his live-in boyfriend nearly £1,000 per month. Both have attempted to break the law and like many more of their cheating colleagues have avoided a prison sentence. Its no good Paddy Ashdown bleating on that Laws has been harshly treated as in my view both Laws and Smith have been damned lucky not to finish up behind bars. I look forward to next week’s show, none of these perpetrators are planned to be there, and one can only live in hope.

All records for a BBC show would be broken if his lot were paraded on the panel but knowing the left wing views of the BBC some twopenny offenders or bleeding heart left wingers will make up the panel overseen by a chairman who’s left wing views will suit the BBC down to the ground.

I would suggest keeping the Archbishop of Canterbury and our old favourite the Prince of Darkness Peter Mandelsson on standby in case of dropouts.

Donald Leach