Beatles were not all lefties!

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I LOVE my Courier and enjoy the local news items and varied features and articles every day.

The sports coverage is excellent, the Comment page always makes interesting reading. There are great sections on history and nostalgia. School photo pages plus readers pictures.

So, one satisfied reader you might think. Wait, there is one niggle that keeps surfacing now and again regarding those photos. Maybe I’m being a bit picky when I spot that “Picture of the Day’s” bullfinch was actually a chaffinch, or the photo of the grey wagtail was described as being a yellow wagtail.

To most readers, I admit, no big deal. An easy mistake. But the pictures on the review of the Bootleg Beatles two week’s earlier went too far.

Now I’m all for artistic licence and inventive editing, but reversing the images of the band in action just looked wrong!

No problem with “Paul McCartney,” most of us know he played guitar left handed, but hang on a minute, so do Bootleg John and George, going by this picture, but the biggest giveaway away written on “Ringo’s drum kit.”

The Fab Four pioneered the use of backward recording techniques in the 60s but I don’t recall a period in their history when they were known as “SELTAEB EHT”.

Despite all this I think the paper has improved greatly in recent years and look forward to it landing on the front door mat.

In fact, as I write this I hear it being delivered. Now, where’s my magnifying glass!

Andy Mellor

Beech Avenue

Sowerby Bridge