Big business is also big risk!

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GAZUMPH! As usual the cost of the Piece Hall scheme is estimated to rise from £16m to £19m with little to explain why.

The council taxpayer, also known as Joe Public, seems set to be landed with an £8.8m bill - of which £4.8m is borrowed, thus landing most of it on future generations. All this as subsidy to the private sector - apart, that is from a re-laid courtyard!

When I first became a councillor 56 years ago we were more sober in developing public amenities to be run by public enterprise, and in borrowing only when compelled by real need.

I fear that larger councils are too ready to succumb to “Big Business” ventures, risking the taint of the market-economy that is unsafe and too often predatory on the poor.

Frank McManus

Longfield Road