Bus lane confusion will cause accident

The bus lane on Burnley Road, approaching King Cross
The bus lane on Burnley Road, approaching King Cross
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I travel from Hebden Bridge to King Cross most days and arrive at King Cross about 10am.

Approaching the King Cross traffic lights is a bus lane that is in operation between 7.30am and 9.30am on weekdays.
When I arrive about 80% of drivers who are going straight forward at the lights stay out of the bus lane and move back to the inside lane nearer to the lights. I can’t actually see any good reason for this bus lane but apart from that most of the people must be regular drivers along this road but are totally unaware that the bus lane is not in operation at 10am. When this is combined with some drivers who undertake then the road does have a real hazard which should not really be there. The problem is that there is no way of telling whether the person in the outside lane is going straight on and is unaware that the restrictions ended at 9.30am or is in fact turning right and is in the right hand lane about 800 yards too early than they would be for a regulation right hand turn.
There is an accident in this that is waiting to happen.

Trevor Weatherill