Can’t departments talk to each other?

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Myrtle Drive



Going back to November 2010 Councillor Barry Collins says, “Serious discussions are under way” about saving energy.

Well Councillor Collins I reported that streets lights were, and still are, on in daytime from Corporation Street all the way down to Ye Olde Shears Inn (Dean Clough). I reported this to the Town Hall by phone and was told “it is not our department but highways, I’ll give you the number”. I replied that I don’t have time to phone everyone, their reply, “I’ll give you highways number, it’s not our department”. I hung up.

Well Councillor Collins, all I can say is why do we bother trying to help you do your job? Surely the Town Hall could have phoned highways?

Then there’s the parking vultures who swoop on Dean Clough daily – didn’t they notice? No, their eyes only go as high as a windscreen. Then there’s the highways department who drive around daily inspecting roads etc. But they probably don’t see as they are shaken about by the potholes.

All departments should work together and if one sees something, or something is reported to them, then communicate with relevant departments.

Steve Webster