Care home gave our mum their love and dedication

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There’s been a lot of press lately about care homes.

But our family wants to thank Savile House Care Home for looking after our mum.
When mum went to Savile House she was a shell of the mum she used to be. We lost our dad four years ago and a part of mum died with him. Also, she had a lot of health problems, she weighed just under eight stone. (she used to weigh 12 stone) 
With the love and care from all the staff at Savile House they got mum’s weight up to 11 stone and they gave her back her fight for life.
In return, Savile House staff gave us our old mum back like she used to be with dad. If ever our family needs a care home we are going to Savile House. If you gave Savile House a million golden stars for the care, dedication and love it wouldn’t be enough.
Sadly, mum’s died but the family is going to miss seeing all the staff who cared and love our mum. Well done to all of you and all the best.
If I could give you the world filled with love for what you’ve done for mum and our family it’s yours.
Love you all always.

Joan Brown-Kenyon’s

Dodge Holme Road