Cinema will be their pet project

'Important asset': Hebden Bridge Picture House
'Important asset': Hebden Bridge Picture House
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I am a passionate believer in democracy, and that is why I want people to have a say in how the Hebden Bridge Picture House is run.

My vision for the cinema is one where staff, elected representatives from the friends group and councillors all had a real voice.

This means everyone has to have a vote on decisions that will effect them.

Labour who hold a slim majority of on the Hebden Royd Town Council have instead chosen to load the committee that makes decisions about the Picture House with their own councillors.

This means an important asset is fast becoming a pet project for the small handful of councillors who want to play at becoming cinema managers.

They have decreed that members of the community are allowed to turn up and contribute to their meetings, but only councillors will get a vote in how things are run.

A genuinely inclusive cross-party group with a fair balance of councillors and co-opted members from the community with voting rights would be much better.

Thankfully the Town Council has since passed a motion asking the Picture House Committee reconsiders this issue of governance.

I hope the councillors who sit on this committee can demonstrate their commitment to community involvement by trusting people to have a vote and a say in how things are run.

Cllr James Baker (Lib Dem)

White Lee Ward

Heden Royd Town Council