Collections stopped by snowflakes

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Regarding your article in respect of ‘Snow means bins not collected for a month…

Lack of action has turned me into a Victor Meldrew. What makes me annoyed is that hard working citizens around the county managed to accomplish what the council find difficult to achieve. And that is to provide basic services to the many. Since my complaint, the council have acknowledged my complaint yet the manager of the appropriate department has failed to respond. Rumour has it, the manager has failed to negotiate the snow filled roads and is unable to get into work to respond. 
Having said that it would be interesting to know if the hierarchy’s bins have been emptied? Anyway we digress, guess what, as l speak it is snowing! My bin is due for collection on the 06/02/13. My hope is, whatever happens the council have the courtesy to take all my excess waste when and if they collect? Unfortunately there will be more than a bin full. If they don’t? Well that will just simply sum them up. As previously stated in my previous memo to the council l am more than willing to forfeit whatever services there are, for a lesser council tax bill and l will make my own arrangements.
As a final thought, on the occasions that I have failed to make my bin accessible to the collectors, they have always gone out of their way to get my bin and empty it. Going above and beyond their terms of reference (I think) in view of this l suspect it is a management decision not to collect when a snow flake appears.

M J Appleyard

Mount Tabor