Come to the hub if you love music

Youth festival at Orangebox, Halifax. Adam Fleming and Petula Hason perform on the new acoustic stage.
Youth festival at Orangebox, Halifax. Adam Fleming and Petula Hason perform on the new acoustic stage.

Young musicians of Calderdale, we need you! For many young people in Calderdale, music is a great priority in their lives.

The newly formed Calderdale Music Hub,provides better support for instrumental lessons and ensembles in school as well as the establishment of community choirs and musical groups of all genres. It involves a collaboration of many musical groups in the surrounding area, including Calderdale College and the local Rock Schools. As the purpose of the Hub is to provide musical guidance and opportunities for all young people across Calderdale, it is inevitable that a youth committee has been set up in order for young people to have a say in how they would like it to be run. 
The Calderdale Youth Music Hub is calling out for any young people who have a love and passion for music. Whether it is orchestral, rock, pop or rap, everybody is welcome. The current committee is eager for new members to join as The Youth Hub is a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their musical knowledge, talent and skills to others and be involved in the creation of events and concerts throughout Calderdale. Regular meetings will take place throughout the area and give young people a chance to develop their leadership skills that may become of great use in the future. 
The most current project the young people have been involved in is the organising of the “Routes Festival”, an eight hour music festival and workshop that was held on the June 1 in the brand-new “Orangebox”, a great facility for young people next to the Piece Hall, Halifax. The festival showcased a wide variety of fresh, local talent for everyone to enjoy. 
Many young people put much time and effort into the project and it was a brilliant success! On June 22 a celebration concert will be held at the Victoria Theatre, Halifax. This will be the official opening of the Hub when a wide variety of ensembles will perform. If you are interested in becoming a part of The Calderdale Youth Music Hub and wish to help organise other events like the “Routes Festival” in the future, then please contact Anne Gomersall, in order to find where and when the next meeting will take place. No matter what your interest is in music is, become involved and show Calderdale the talent young people have to offer! 
Heidi Bates

(Calderdale Young Reporter)