Communities must now work together

After four nights of violence which started in London but spread, it is great news that last night (Wednesday) peace was evident and public disorder reduced in our nation.

We would encourage you to continue to pray, especially for those on the frontline working to see our streets restored, for the communities affected, for community patrol projects out and about this weekend and for the plans outlined as Government is recalled.

As the building up of communities now begins, our project could well be at the forefront of this as key people interacting with those on the streets. We believe that it is important that young people in our projects begin to step up as role models to other young people.

The investment made for the good in our communities by amazing volunteers week in and week out is something that needs to be celebrated and highlighted at this time.

The Department for Communities and local government have asked us to offer their deepest thanks for assisting with communications and positive action over these last few days. They have seen the value that communities working together can bring.

Christian Nightlife Initiatives

Paul Blakey MBE

CEO Street Angels, CNI

Adam May

Director of development, CNI