Consultation over library still flawed

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Disappointed to listen recently to Tim Swift (BBC Leeds) assuring listeners that the library consultation process was being invigilated by a neutral, independent source.

Coun. Evans repeats the same sentiments. Appointing Ipsos Mori does not negate a biased document. Both ignore the fact that all documents were not devised or drafted by Ipsos Mori who were contracted “to collect and analyse the results to ensure everything is done fairly and impartially”; apparently not assuring impartial content. A dysfunctional CMBC state; “the latest was stopped earlier this year because it was felt to be flawed”. It still is. Marketing students learn that questions can be phrased and designed to promote bias just as effectively as manipulating statistics can, to an unaware public. CMBC could have “Primarked” their retail paradise in Broad Street. Successive CMBC administrations have neglected to maintain the library - possibly deliberately - who knows? but shameful nevertheless, exposing it to a library-land-grab. Disabled parking applications follow, by library-using relatives currently coping; who neither consider themselves disabled; aren’t; just ageing. Ludicrous Disneyworld zoning - retail/cultural sectors - limits consumer flow. Trading should be dispersed wider. Better Horton Street is developed, spanning the railway station to HBOS/Piece Hall, improving an uninviting and dispiriting vista, and linking the town. Broad Street occupation needs monitoring. Growth is not assured and no-one knows when the broken shopping ecosystem will plateau. Recent business pages report: “Primark” undermining M&S sales with a possible disappearance of M&S in ten years; UK supermarket groups quaking now “Amazon” has entered the grocery on-line market, and “If Poundland’s expanding, we must be in trouble” (Ind. 29/8/12). Looks as though we won’t have to wait too long for empty large units!! “Iceland” and “Poundland” are no substitute for a convenient, established library site. Vote Option B.

Susan Taylor