Councillor was right to speak out

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How good to have a councillor who is not afraid to broach subjects many politicians and most MP’s, dare not speak about for fear of losing votes or upsetting some minority or politically correct group – regardless of their own innermost beliefs, or more importantly the beliefs of their constituents.

Let’s be quite honest groups like the EDL thrive on being in the spotlight; publicity being the main weapon in their armoury. Drafting in high levels of policing, closing shops, disrupting businesses and creating fear amongst the general public, (under the guise of keeping the public informed), is exactly what any of these minority left or right wing groups depend on.

I’m sure were they given the opportunity to march down a High Street – and any opposing groups, by their own volition, kept away, then the whole objective would simply fizzle away.

I cannot comment on the actual costs, or indeed how the costs are arrived, and I object we have to pay but perhaps a much lower profile in the media and a lower Police presence could be a way to stifle these marches before they happen.

Of course if the Police were allowed to perform as a “Force” such high numbers would be totally unnecessary.

Once again well done Roger Taylor for having the bottle to speak openly.

Roger Davis

Blackwood Hall