Councillors spending my money on just talking

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Contrary to my innate cynicism I like to believe that the substantial sum of money in council tax I pay each year to Calderdale Council is spent wisely so it makes my blood boil when I read that some councillors consumed 90 minutes of a council meeting, which is financed by our council tax, discussing the “merits of welfare reform, the future of social care, same sex marriage rights” and passing pointless motions criticising the government.

You are local councillors elected to attend the local needs and issues of Calderdale residents not Members of Parliament. The arrogance is breathtaking. If you wish to discuss those national issues then I suggest you adjourn the meeting to a public house or café where you can debate such issues in your own time whilst spending your own money. 
The Council leader allegedly tweeted the inane comment that he was astonished that some councillors declined to take part in a discussion on gay marriage. Council Leader – Councillor Swift? If that is true you would be better employed leading a donkey in a nativity play.

Bernard Nalson

Staups Lane