Criticism is hard to believe

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Hypocrisy and politicians are seen to go hand in hand.

Still the letter by Scott Benton criticising the Labour group on Calderdale Council for trying to find a way to restore the nursery subsidies is really hard to believe. He asks why the Labour group, in trying to find a way through severe and damaging cuts, targeted children in need. Let me be clear Scott, I don’t believe your party is interested in helping anyone that might be ‘needy’. Your party does jump to the defence of the corporate tax avoiders that scam the treasury out of billions. David Cameron and Nick Clegg have voted for an unfair attack on the tax credits and working benefits millions of people rely on. They rely on them to just get by. Seven million working households are being punished – and 200,000 children will be pushed into poverty as a result. Do you know what that means Scott? Let me be clear. It means the government is creating poverty. More than two-thirds of the households affected by the cuts to tax credits are working households. Together with other cuts for parents one million children will now be pushed into poverty. We need a One Nation Government which will stand up for Britain’s strivers, not a Government which is more interested in exploiting the problems we face rather solving them. That’s what the Labour group stands for. Is that clear?

Anthony Rutherford

Finkil St