Cuts have left us defenceless

Woodlands Avenue


How ironic that British subjects were rescued by HMS Cumberland, the very aircraft carrier that the Tories are due to scrap in April!

The Tories say we don’t need them, but then they might have been worth saving had the Tories not also scrapped our Harriers, as aircraft carriers are a bit pointless without aircraft!

We turn on the TV and witness the continued unrest in the Middle East yet the Tories are making another 11,000 of our armed forces redundant?

In my mind one of the most important things a government should be responsible for is to ensure its country and people are defended. These cuts have left the UK defenceless, we are militarily impotent.

It’s no longer “Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves”, it’s “EU Rule Britannia, Britannia are all slaves”.

Unlike the EU parties who want to decimate our military we will double military spending and defend Britain!

Jason Smith

UKIP Calderdale Chairman