Cutting traffic speed would prompt more to walk and cycle

Linden Road Hebden Bridge

Several people have commented on my letter of August 17 ("Low-speed zones save lives") via the website, so I'd like a chance to respond.

One correpondent says that introducing a 20mph zone just moves the accidents a few streets away. This is a common misconception, but in fact the Department for Transport's research shows it not to be true – there is "very little" transfer of accidents to other roads. See for more details.

Someone else accuses us Greens of inconsistency because we want slower speeds and lower carbon emissions. This is quite true – we do!

We believe that because 20mph zones encourage people to walk and cycle, the net result will be fewer emissions.

Hebden Bridge is certainly more bike and pedestrian-friendly since we've had our lovely low-speed zone.

And no, the traffic queues have not got worse!

Kate Sweeny

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate, Calder Valley