Cyclist should be ashamed

I bought a Courier this morning and was quite shocked at the story on the front. I have cycled along that tow path for years now and never once had a problem with anyone with/out a fishing rod, or seen any other problems for that matter.

Ever since the re-surfacing it has been a much better ride, and I’m sure a walk too for non-cyclists, so I can understand how some people may ‘use it as a race track’ but hopefully this will not just give all cyclists a bad image.

As for the chap who booted the old angler in he should be really ashamed of himself and maybe seek anger management classes as this is obviously nothing to get so upset about, like the angler did I would have probably just laughed this off as what harm has been done?

Ah well, just my quick thoughts from someone who uses that towpath almost every weekend and has never had any problems before. The only problems I have are with the anti-motorcycle gates on the hebble trail, such a shame. Can’t believe idiots would also go along there spoiling it for everyone, but it’s not the end of the world to stop/start all the time as it keeps them off there.

James Myhowycz