Danger of dogs off their leads

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I write after reading many of the letters posted in yoursay pages of the Courier.

Many have written in support of upholding the right of dogs to run free whilst under the supervision of their owners.

Others have highlighted the possible risk of disease from uncleared faeces and the potential risk free running dogs might pose to small children.

As someone who has owned dogs for many years and who has always cleaned up after them and never allowed them to be off lead in public places, I would ask all of those who favour freeing dogs to run why they ignore the potential danger.

In recent years my family have owned two small Yorkshire terriers both of whom have been attacked (savaged would be a more accurate description) whilst they were walking on leads in Manor Heath on more than one occasion.

The owners of the dogs responsible saying they were sorry and their dogs are usually very well behaved did nothing to reassure us and neither of their owners offered to pay vets fees or even rang to see how either dog was recovering.

Sadly one of our dogs is no longer with us and the other even though on a lead shies away at the sight of another dog to the point when she has to be picked up and comforted.

Obviously this is a minority situation but if the offending animals had been on leads then ours would not have suffered the trauma they did.

Dogs always on leads in public places please

R Garton