Do they know better than us?


This week we have the first murmurings of a long awaited long-range weather forecast to cover the up-coming summer period from the boffins at ‘Weather HQ’.

And the outlook is..... owing to the position and movement of the Gulf Air Stream we are likely to experience a wet and cool summer. But, if there is a sudden change in the position of the GAF, then we could have a warm and sunny summer instead. If you were to ask the proverbial ‘man (or woman) in the street’ what he or she thinks the weather will be like this summer, in 9 out of 10 cases they are likely to say something similar to the following: “Going on recent experience, I imagine it might be wet and cool. But you never know, we might just strike lucky and get some nice weather for a change.” So what’s the difference between the opinion of the expert and the opinion of Joe (or Jolene) Public? The only difference is, the man in the street gives his opinion as a matter of course, whereas Mr Boffin the Weather Man makes a damned good living out of furnishing us with his so called ‘expert’ opinion.

V. Hodgkiss