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I applaud the concept of having a good town-centre Museum to tell Halifax’s fantastic history (“Display the Gibbet at our Piece Hall”, Courier, 8 March).

However, we must remember that we already have an excellent museum in the town centre, which has unfortunately been closed for many years, though many of its exhibits are still in situ.

I refer to the Halifax Industrial Museum, about which I have written to the Courier before, and which we are in danger of losing altogether.

Of course, there are plans to incorporate an historical interpretation gallery in the revamped Piece Hall, but I am not convinced this is adequate to tell the story of our town’s great history.

And now, from your article “Museums’ opening hours could be axed” (March 9) I am given understand there is a very real possibility that Halifax’s Museums will be closed from Monday to Friday in the immediate future. I cannot believe such a short-sighted move is even being considered. No access to Bankfield and Shibden Hall during the week? If such a plan is approved, there seems little likelihood of our having a proper Museums Service in Calderdale in the future.

Regarding the gibbet replica, mentioned in the first article, I think it is unwise to consider moving this from the cruel instrument’s proven 1650 base. Of course, its platform was much taller in those days.

David C Glover