Don’t vandalise the allotments

Skircoat Green Allotments, Godfrey Road,  sale of produce with Mick Walker, Sally Jagger, Steve McMaster and Mark Mageean.
Skircoat Green Allotments, Godfrey Road, sale of produce with Mick Walker, Sally Jagger, Steve McMaster and Mark Mageean.

I am writing in response to Peter Green’s letter, suggesting that the car parking problems in Skircoat Green could be reduced by using the allotments for car parking.
This would, in my view, be an unnecessary act of vandalism resulting in the loss of a much loved and well used local facility. The Skircoat Green Allotments are extremely popular with people of all ages and cultures. The site has a waiting list, in can take as long as two years to get a plot. Families enjoy teaching children about wildlife in the green oasis in the urban area of Skircoat Green.
Also it is vital that children learn about how food is grown as this can lead them into healthier lifestyles in this of increasing obesity. 
Finally, the solution to the car parking problem already exists on the hospital site – build a multi storey car park where the old maternity block was situated. This could be done if common sense was applied to the problem, rather than the crazy political correctness of government policy on transport to hospitals under the Labour party, consisting of a deliberate low level of parking provision, to encourage the use of public transport – fine in theory, a nightmare in practice!

Michael Walker

Lawrence Road

Skircoat Green


skircoat green

Growing food is a vital skill

In reply to Mr Green’s suggestion regarding parking in the Skircoat Green area. Mr Green’s suggestion is a level-headed and reasoned idea, though I feel moved to play the Devil’s Advocate. Some years ago I had the chance to talk to a gentleman who kept an allotment. He took the time to tell of the seasonal nature of most vegetables, the work required to grow food and maintain his allotment. As what he told me sank in I became suddenly aware and fearful of our reliance as a country on food imports.
I think to lose this capability and knowledge would subsequently create far bigger problems than we currently face with the motor car.

Daniel Marshall

Upper Washer Lane

Pye Nest

parking charges

Drivers beware of traps

Motorists beware – since my beloved Council put up parking costs in Halifax on 14 January 2014 they have put up new signage “Parking 8am – 8pm” and removed painted lines on loading bays (King Edward Street) but left up the sign “Loading Only” (a trap).
On Northgate two parking bays have been removed and a sign put up “Loading Only” but on the same pole a sign says “Parking – pay at machine” (a trap). I witnessed a motorist arguing this point to two wardens, they gave in and he drove off (they must be new fledglings). Then the Skircoat issue continues. “I’ll sort it out”, when Mr Collins? When does a council force motorists to drive over white lines in the middle of the road? Answer, when the council force motorists to park two minutes away from where they have parked free for years by charging to park out of town. I refer to the white line overtaking and parking on Skircoat Moor Road.

Steve Webster

Myrtle Drive



We must build sea

On Countryfile (Sunday, February 9) officers from the Environment Agency made statements that they did not have resources to stop losing land to the sea on the East Coast.
Stop giving billions to the EU. Stop giving millions to other countries who cry poverty. Charity begins at home. With all the money given away we can repair dykes, dredge all the rivers, build sea defences, make our country safe from floods. Gibraltar and many other countries have successfully claimed land from the sea. Time our Government came into the real life and used some common sense.

Grenvill Horsfall

Victoria Avenue



Great staff at the eye clinic

I am writing to let Calderdale people know what our experience at Calderdale Royal Hospital Eye Clinic was. It was great. Everything went so smoothly, from first appointment to the last one after the operation. The waiting areas are good. The staff are so friendly and efficient, everything is explained to you and the doctors put you at ease. We even got a cup of tea after.
Also the time waiting to be seen was minimal. We wish to say a big Thank You to all the staff. You were great.

Mr N Greenwood

Oxford Lane



We had a great time with Rocky

Great feature about Roy ‘Rocky’ Alway (Friday, January 31) thanks to Brian Coates.
Fantastic times we all had at Stainland ABC 60s/70s/80s. I joined after being a member of Halifax Stat early 60s, meeting ‘Rocky’ there, where he ably assisted the main trainers, ‘Tiger’ Bob Erris and the masterful Gordan Jones.
I, along with Clarry Shaw, Ray ‘Scotty’ Scot, Colin Varey, Mick and Jason Fallon were the first seniors to transfer to Stainland, mainly because of our experiences at Rocky’s training and his beneficial methods, we learnt a lot.
RIP Rocky, from all.

Stewart Cade

Fairfax Crescent