Drag acts are fun and simply theatre

Has transexual Rose White completely lost the plot?

‘Pride’ events exist so that gay people can indeed be proud and celebrate who they are as human beings. It’s as if she is saying, “I’m transexual, which is OK but don’t you dare associate me with homosexuals!”

Drag is simply theatre. It has nothing to do with transexualism. Most gay men are actually quite happy being men and have no wish to wear a frock!

It’s simply fun entertainment that many gay people and also many straight people enjoy!

It’s been around for hundreds of years. Look at Vesta Tilley who was a female to male impersonater, active in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Rose White seems to imply that all drag acts must be gay, which is actually not the case.

And what about transvestites? Statistics suggest that most are heterosexual men. Even Audrey on Coronation Street is dating one! Should they also go around wearing signs saying ‘I am a man’?

Although they have quite different issues, the gay community has actively supported the right of transgendered people to live their lives without fear and prejudice.

Thankfully, we now live a much more tolerant age.

It is nothing less than shocking to hear such homophobic comments coming from a person such as Rose White.

In my opinion, she just makes herself look rather silly!

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