Elland still needs its Victorian swim pool

So the council want to close Elland swimming pool, on the face of our Queen’s Jubilee year! The Victorians fought long and hard for this, very necessary, public facility.

The need is still as fervent, maybe not so much to clean our bodies, as most of us wash in our own bathrooms, but certainly the same need to ensure the opportunity for all to learn to swim for safety, exercise and pleasure is just as great, in fact maybe more so, in a society with so many sedentary jobs and entertainment diversions.

Young and older people enjoy the social and health benefits of a regular visit to the baths in their local town.

There is teaching, swimming clubs, water aerobics, sauna, keep fit, to name a few. All to promote a health lifestyle which we are constantly being reminded to follow when obesity and threatened heart disease are a big problem for the Health Service’s resources. It is a retrograde step to terminate a facility which is there to help combat it.

This region of Stainland, Greetland and Elland is completely impoverished of attractive, decent public leisure facilities for our families and yet are amongst the highest rated in Calderdale.

Why should Brighouse and Sowerby Bridge have new flashy pools? We do not even have decent playgrounds for our children to exercise on!

If we are to be forced to use out of area public facilities, what about our carbon footprints that we are urged to reduce?

At what cost is a derelict building in the centre of our town with its possible dangers of crumbling and vandalism?

When we hear of the absurd expenditure of the council, £500,000 is not a vast amount. A new roof on my house is still good in 25 years so that should be the same for the Swimming Baths!

As the Victorians fought in the 1800s let us maintain their battle won. Make it attractive, use it, insist that our councillors take our voice to the town Hall and let us keep this precious public amenity.

Shirley Garnett

Sunnybank Road