Failing to provide basic needs ...

How disturbing to read in my church magazine that Calderdale Council is failing to provide shelter for the homeless and needy.

What is even more outrageous is to read that a homeless person being looked after by the Ebeneezer Food & Support Drop In, died of pnuemonia after sleeping rough in plummeting temperatures.

Calderdale Churches are getting together to prepare for next winter and the plight of homeless people.

What is Calderdale Council prepared to do? nothing from the information I have been given.

This is shameful on the part of our Councillors and Council officers, I believe we have empty blocks of flats quite close to Halifax town centre, could these not be given over to Calderdale Churches as temporary shelters

Labour and Liberal Democrats Councillors you run the council do something before winter arrives.

Chris O’Connor

Christ Church


and Lightcliffe