Fairer taxes make more sense than cuts

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Summerfield Road, Todmorden

I was one of the few people who turned up at Sowerby Bridge for the Council’s consultations on its budget.

I’m not just an ‘environmental activist’ as you reported, though. Like Charles Gate I’m a Green Party member. We in the Green Party sympathise with local government leaders like Councillors Battye and Swift: face to face they have to bring the coalition government’s bad news to us. We want to watch out for the details, to make sure goals like sustainable development stay on the agenda despite cuts.

But beyond the detail we’re also reminders that there’s another way to tackle our current economic problems altogether. Even the boss of the CBI is worried that the government isn’t investing for future growth.

We say major green investments and fairer taxes, especially on the banking industry and the well-off, make more sense than cutting benefits, jobs and front-line services.

Alan McDonald

Calderdale Green Party