Former museum is ideal spot for Parcel Office

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Further to the article titled “Parcel Office needs a good sort out or else move it”. Why not move it into the former Working Horse Museum on South Parade?

As it is clear that the Eureka Children’s Museum want to see the building demolished, which is what they did with the adjacent building only a few years ago.

By doing so this would finally give the former Working Horse Museum a purpose, one which it hasn’t had for over twenty years.

This would also increase its chances of being maintained, something which the Eureka Children’s Museum are incapable of doing. Despite a perfectly good lease agreement with a clear requirement to maintain all buildings upon the premises in “good and substantial repair and maintenance”.

This would also allow Royal Mail to have a “fit for purpose” sorting office for the 21st Century, with adequate car parking and customer first facilities.

By relocating to South Parade this will also allow Metro to finally improve and realign the bus station with Winding Road, which is one of their key priorities from what I gather.

So all the Council has to do is to reclaim the former Working Horse Museum, draw up a new lease with Eureka excluding the Working Horse Museum site. Restore the building to the condition which it should have been in, if the Eureka Children’s Museum actually maintained the building according to the lease agreement and charge Eureka for the privilege of doing so

All of which is perfectly possible according to the lease agreement.

Although Royal Mail might be reluctant to move into a building with higher maintenance costs.

All what is needed is for a pot of money to be placed into a Bank account and then to leave Royal Mail to maintain the building off the interest. Some of this money could come from Metro in exchange for the land. So how about it?

Michael Bradley