Geese problems - when will council act?

I wish to add to your story about the geese invasion in Sowerby Bridge.

They are everywhere and have been terrorising West Street car park, Damson Close and the surrounding flats at Ryburn Street and Hollybrook Court since mid July onwards. The council is yet to do anything about it despite a number of complaints from residents including myself.

They are aggressive when challenged and they make a mess of the close and surrounding pavements where kids play out.

I’ve contacted the council and Pennine Housing but so far haven’t gotten anywhere with them taking action because - the council say - they are wild geese. I have since complained to their Env. Health dept that action must be taken and also contacted Environmental Agency and Natural England for advice.

The response from Natural England is that the landowner must apply for a licence to take action as the geese have a low level of protection so there are various humane methods that can be adopted to stop the geese roaming free causing such a mess and posing a health risk with their droppings etc. I have since sent information to Calderdale Council and Penning Housing pleading with them to apply for an appropriate licence from Natural England so that the geese epidemic can be controlled before it gets any worse.

According to the council EH dept the geese had a good mating season this year which explains the increase in number and I worry how many geese will be roaming SB next year if the problem is not tackled head on now.

I have counted a flock of 25 geese who regularly terrorise the West End area of SB and they have so far not been put off by any of my efforts to scare them off.

I am yet to hear back from both Pennine and the council as to whether they are going to apply for a licence to either get the flock relocated away from the town centre area or provide any other solution to the problem.

I did not know about the serious health risks of the geese droppings before reading your article but if this is the case the council needs to do something and fast because its hard to find clean pavements around the area I live at the moment because they are all saturated in harmful droppings. When is the council going to take note and do something about the problem?

The place is not a nice place to live right now.

James Hudson

Damson Close Resident, Sowerby Bridge