Get experience of larger vehicles first

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MAY I endorse the comments expressed by John Shoesmith in his letter “Watch out for the motor-cyclists,” (Courier, Thursday, August 4).

In my youth I rode a motor-cycle daily in a professional capacity and the stories that I could relate regarding “close encounters” would make a balding person’s remaining hair curl. One incident even involved a police patrol car colliding with me while I was stationary at a road junction.

I have long advocated that potential motorists should have not only some experience of riding a motor-cycle as John Shoesmith states but I consider that they should have experienced driving a vehicle much larger than a motor car, preferably with air brakes to give them a true perspective of other vehicles.

The improved acceleration rate of the modern car can, without doubt, be a hazard to motor-cyclists if car drivers, when pulling out of side roads do not give adequate time to observe fully any approaching motor-cyclist regardless of road surface and conditions.

H.W.D. Maude

Watkinson Road, Halifax