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Myrtle Drive



After reading “Boxing Club owner warns: I will be forced to close down” (Courier, May 17) I have to say, once again our Council get it wrong. The Ridings was in the spotlight on March 17, 2010 when a report on The Ridings cost £20,000 (of our hard-earned money).

Also Councillor Collins quoted, “We are worried about a long term future for The Ridings”. Well Councillor, here’s the long term solution: allow Mick Rowe and his dedicated team to move to The Ridings.

Mick Rowe and his team are dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate about what they do for boxing. Discipline and fitness for all age groups.

It’s taken Mick and his team ten years from a run down factory to budding champs. Over 10,000 people/youngsters given a chance to shine, to stay off the streets and away from crime. Thanks to Mick and his dedication these youngsters have been given a purpose in life. And the reason our Councillor say Mick and his future champions cannot move to The Ridings? Health and safety and a lack of experience. Poppycock!

The Council paid for not one, not two, but three surveys on The Ridings, in March 2010, which were not acted on immediately. But now, hopefully, there is no risk of legionnaires disease or any other disease at The Ridings - £20,000 later!

Give Mick and his team the support they need, don’t wear blinkers. Think what Mick and his team has done for thousands of youngsters without your support for ten years. With your support he will go on to take many more thousand youngsters off the streets of Halifax and away from a life of drugs and crime, thus saving us all £1,000’s in unnecessary expense. And why has it taken so long for the Council to come up with this ludicrous excuse for Mick and his team to be told “You can’t have The Ridings”? Discussions have been going on since 2009. Steve Webster