Give us a chance to vote on leaving EU

I fully support Margery King’s call for a referendum on our membership of the EU. (Your say, September 16). When Edward Heath took us into then common market in 1973 he dismissed concerns that it would lead to a European superstate saying it was just a trading block.

Since then the common market became the European Economic Community (EEC) then the European Community (EC) now the European Union (EU).

The referendums that were held in Denmark and Ireland seeking consent for this creeping empire building that gave the ‘wrong’ result were re-run until the ‘right’ result was produced.

Now the EU has an unelected president, an unelected executive (the commissioners) a parliament, a judiciary, a flag, an anthem and a currency.

All that’s now missing for a fully fledged state is a common tax regime and armed forces which are now being considered. All done without the consent of the people.

At the end of his life, Edward Heath said in parliament that anyone who didn’t realise that the common market would lead to a European state was naive. Edward in his dotage had obviously forgotten his deceit in 1973.

Before any Europhiles write in their scaremongering mantra that leaving the Ell would lose us 3 million jobs, we would stay in the European free trade area, giving us the same access to EU markets as non- EU countries Norway and Switzerland have.

Free from Brussels diktats we could once again make our own laws, control our borders, have our own agriculture and wishing policies and not have to pour millions into the EU bureaucracy.

Just one proviso, the referendum result would have to be binding and acted upon with no judges like other EU referendums.

Finally, thank God we didn’t join the ‘in crisis’ Euro, making leaving the EU easier if that was the referendum result.

Bill Crabb

Highroad Well Lane