Good life for animals in circus

Illingworth Sports and Social Club Halifax

In response to Paul Thomas ("Circus is not for animals" 11 June) a circus without animals is not a circus and just a variety show. Yes, our animals travel in purpose-made horse transporters to get them to each venue. There is nothing wrong with this. Racehorses, show-jumpers, carriage horses etc are transported in the same way on a regular basis. Do not judge us as you don't even know us or the love and care we lavish on our animals.

Our animals are trained with care and kindness. We do train in front of the public and our doors are always open if they wish to come and watch.

He also talks of confined spaces. Please, please, please: just take a drive by the circus in the day and you will see all the animals out grazing happily in the sunshine. In the afternoon they come into their purpose built stables to get cleaned up before the show. Our animals have a very enriched life.

Here at Circus Mondao we have nothing to hide, that's why we never refuse the RSPCA access to our animals even though they are only a charity and have no legal right to come on site.

But they still make up lies and propaganda against us. If there is a ban on performing animals it should be all performing animals and not just the circus people victimised. So that means all animals that perform at county shows and on television and in films should be banned as well.

One question, why are people happy to watch Britain's Got Talent with the different animal acts but not a circus?

Petra Jackson

Circus Ringmistress