Government must focus on saving jobs

You would think that a sensible government would have a policy for job creation beyond ‘let’s hope for the best and let the market sort it out.’

The ‘queue for jobs’ does not operate like a bus queue and without proper regional development policies the new jobs created don’t turn up where they are needed.

Drafting in private sector companies to do a spot of job-coaching and tarting up CVs for the long term unemployed is just not going to be good enough.

We need proper regional development policies to create real jobs in manufacturing. Jobs that will last and will make work pay.

Economic growth is slowing, perhaps to only 0.3% in the past three months and there are massive challenges for Calderdale ahead.

We can see the risk of increased unemployment yet this market obsessed government has completely dismantled the infrastucture for local regeneration, killing off the regional development agencies like Yorkshire Forward and replacing them with toothless talking shops called “local economic partnerships”.

Worse still restructuring at Lloyds is casting a fearful shadow over our whole area.

I’m confident there are people working really hard to keep jobs in Halifax but national as well as local government should be playing its part.

We need jobs and we need government, both local and national to focus on that above all else.

Anthony Rutherford

Finkil Street

Hove Edge