Hard work must not be wasted

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I am writing in Support of the Horne Street Surgery Walk in Service.

Since opening this service it has become a life line for many people who live in the community. Many people who visit the walk in service are isolated, vulnerable and live in fear due to their circumstances. 
The Horne Street Walk in service enables them to seek the immediate help they need without any prejudice or unwanted questions, which many have faced when trying to register with other surgeries in the area. The St Augustine’s Centre has worked very closely with the PCT for a number of years especially in the consultation of services to make sure it meets the needs of our diverse and multi cultural community. One of its aims was to alleviate the number of people going to A & E to receive help for minor health conditions. The practice did well at educating people about the cost of people using A & E and encouraged them to seek the alternative and appropriate health guidance. The Horne Street Surgery, especially the Walk in service, was purpose built to serve a community. If it were to close all the hard work, time, effort and money that has gone into the service would be a wasted. 
It would leave many vulnerable people without the resource they so desperately need and force more people into isolation, see more people with declining physical and mental health issues, which ultimately would put the pressure back on services like A & E.

Kate Fawcett

Community Support Development Worker

St. Augustine’s Centre

Hanson Lane