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Well done to the correspondents in this week’s (25th January) Your Say who have expressed so clearly and logically what so many of us feel who are against the proposals to sell off and re-build the Central Library.

Every day on the TV news and in the papers we are told High Streets are changing, shops closing and more people are shopping out-of-town or on-line. There are so many reasons to keep the library where it is. The consultation was a farce, only 1,500 forms originally sent out seem to have been considered. The opinions of the rest, who didn’t get a form but who made the effort to respond were not considered important and were not included. If Primark were so anxious to get into Halifax why didn’t they commit to the Plaza? Does anybody else feel we will be paying for a new library for 25 years which may well not be there then,closed through lack of use due to inaccessibility and not fit for purpose?

Sue Plant

Hill View Gardens