How can they afford cut bays?

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Am I the only one wondering why the council after all it’s ‘poverty- crying’ wisdom, are doing certain road alterations at Skircoat Green?

For the council to bleat on about the shortages of money in their coffers and how much money they need to save, I find it unbelievable that they are making cute little parking bays and even Tarmacking the road by these constructions. I have presume it is to do with easing the parking for the residents of Skircoat Green, who I am sure must be fed up with all the hospital workers and visitors parking there. This, I understand and I see both sides of the coin. What I have difficulty with is, when the hospital was built why didn’t they insist there was parking, particularly for the workers? It doesn’t seem rocket science. They cannot afford the charges made in the hospital car park and maybe they’re not allowed to park there anyway. I want a nurse/doctor concentrating on the patients not whether they are getting clamped or a parking ticket. This surely was short-sightedness when building the new hospital; the area of the old maternity unit would have given room for a modest multi-story for the people working at the hospital, but no—too keen on pulling buildings down. As for Skircoat Green and the lovely Tarmacked road and parking bays, well surely parking meters may have been cheaper. Either way, it is expense we don’t need at the moment and the money used could have gone on something more needy. Someone mentioned there was to be a parking warden as well- more expense- I’m sure the businesses there will be overjoyed as will the Book clubs and people who use the library facilities at their time restriction. Doesn’t it just make you weary!

Belinda Darwin