How has this made it easier?

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Last Saturday morning I visited our long-awaited, newly-designed, revamped recycling centre at Lee Bridge loaded up with garden rubbish.

It was early morning so it wasn’t busy but what immediately struck us all from our new experience was that there are parking spaces alongside the skips and an exit lane to the right, so how do you know which skip to drive to if they are not facing you?

You don’t, you can only park in a vacant space and intermingle with others on the pavement between the skips and the parked cars looking for the relevant skips to suit your requirements.

Once you have found the relevant skips you then have to carry, drag or lift whatever you have passed parked cars and lift the rubbish into the relevant skips.

That’s right - lift. I thought the whole idea of this exercise was to get away from lifting and make things easier for all.

Of course, all this movement in such a confined area could result in scratch damage to those vehicles not to mention people trying to walk on the same stretch of pavement with their rubbish in the opposite direction; a recipe for injury.

Then of course you may have to reverse park into an empty space to try and dispose of rubbish whilst other drivers are driving away in the exit lane, having disposed of theirs.

Imagine that on a busy day, not to mention the queuing vehicles waiting impatiently to try and dispose of their rubbish.

I am absolutely astounded that anyone could design, approve or sanction such a place to be built like that. Or am I? This is Calderdale so it’s logical that these feats of civil engineering are allowed to be carried out on instruction of incompetent morons working for Calderdale Council. Yet another waste of council taxpayers’ monies, with some backhanders thrown in for good measure I bet.

The persons responsible for this disaster should be sacked immediately to save money not waste it.

Something else that should be mentioned regarding that site is that the lads who work there are hard working and courteous, helping to remove rubbish from vehicles but nevertheless up against it thanks to the council. Thanks again lads for your help - much appreciated.

C Huckman

Birkdale Grove