How much did it cost to change system?

When I was working I was always under the impression there would be a safety net in case of sickness, unemployment and any other major misfortune.

There would be a legal system to protect the innocent and a support system of legal aid and the Citizen advice bureau - well, don’t you believe it!

The CAB has been cut right down to the bone along with many other voluntary support groups.

The legal aid system is virtually non existent and the multinational company Atos has been given free reign over the mega cutbacks of our sickness benefits.

Atos health care is a division of Atos. A company listed on Euronext Paris a member of CAC mid 60 stock market index.

In 2010 it had a revenue of 5.021 billion euros and a profit of 116.1 million euros. Atos collect information from a 20 page tick box assessment then pass it on to a decision maker at the DWP. They will consider all information collected and decide whether you are entitled to Employment and support Allowance ESA.

If you find yourself in this degrading position it will depend how Atos has put your information forward rather than how ill you are whether you are awarded the small amount of benefit. Many people are turned down then after appeal are accepted.

How much has it cost the government to change this system?

I have now given up writing to my MP, the deputy PM and other political figures. They have been to the David Cameron school of politics. Only reply to those who agree with you.

So if you find yourself in my position there is something you can believe, there is no safety net or major political party on your side.

It can happen to anybody, it’s just a heart attack, car crash or stroke away.

D Gibson