I am still concerned by proposal


Having considered Martin Moorman’s reply to my letter (Courier July 12) I am still concerned by the proposed development.

However, without further information, or concrete plans, little can be added except that perhaps my initial misgivings will be taken into consideration in any planning. My initial concerns were not addressed by the article in the same edition of the paper, but were raised by it. In the past I have expressed great reservations about our so-called “Olympic Legacy”, and would hate to see yet more facilities be lost, eg Elland’s Victoria Baths. As Mr Moorman stated “Parking could be on the DISUSED tennis courts”, which begs the question, Why can’t this facility be resurrected to the advantage of both the school and the public? Unfortunately this would have the knock-on effect of reinforcing my initial concerns about access and parking.

There is currently no acceptable vehicular access to the site were it to be placed at the bus depot end, so something’s got to give. Finally, as the new facilities will “enhance the resources” already at Ravenscliffe, am I to assume that a split-site Ravenscliffe will incur more travelling between sites so that these facilities can be used? I am aware of the existence of swimming facilities at Skircoat/Bermerside that are used by the public, and commend the school for their pro-activity. As an ex-teacher I am NOT against the school expanding, and fully appreciate the desire to make education better for the pupils, but I have seen governments and councillors waste so much money on ideas and schemes which seem good in principal, and turn out to be profligate in the long run.

Hopefully an outcome that will please most people will be found.

Les Forester