I feel I’ve been victimised by the system

After the recent announcement about government cuts I found myself in a horrible situation.

Being a mum of four young children is difficult at the best of times but in October 2009 I was informed by the DWP I was no longer entitled to income support due to capital in a property occupied by my former partner.

I have always been honest with them I provided valuations and proof that my former partner had tried to sell and ended up in more debt as the property did not sell because of it, but although I followed all their procedures I was told they had valued my share at a ridiculous amount and did not want to know of my current hardships.

After following advice I appealed to the independent tribunal and won my case as my share was deemed almost non-existent and months of phone calls chasing them I am still told I’m not entitled they dramatically reduced their valuation but only to £16,000 which classes me as having capital.

These people have had me jumping through hoops for nearly two years.

I have suffered, my children have suffered but for what? Why are they targeting the most vulnerable familys ?

The whole system seems like a joke to me.

I would like to know if anyone else has found them selves in this situation as I’m feeling as if im being singled out by the DWP.

Michaela Jackson

Clover Hill View, Halifax