I feel sorry for Tory activists

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It is easy to agree with Andrew Tagg when he writes about the British people leaving the Common Market in the 1975 referendum if they had known the EC was to become the EU (“British people refused democratic rights”, Your say, 28 October).

I wonder if Prime Minster Edward Heath, who took us into the Common Market, turned in his grave when it was announced recently that EU ministers had approached China to bail out the EU financially? The concept of a trillion pounds or euros is impossible for most people to contemplate.

It seems to me that “the great social experiment” must not be allowed to fail at any price, even going so far as admitting that certain countries should not have been allowed to join the single currency.

I feel sorry for Conservative activists like Andrew Tagg when it comes to Europe. He is a member of a party where a number of his colleagues with their supposed dislike of the EU are really not significantly different from the Liberal Democrats they are in coalition with.

Doesn’t Mr Cameron support Turkey’s application to join the EU? Maybe it is time for a Tory split.

Peter Holmes

Old Bank