I hope council act over dog owners

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I refer to the letter in the Halifax Courier on 25 October 2011 from R Garton and I totally agree with the contents of the letter.

I look after my family’s small terrier dog quite regularly which the family always keep on a lead when exercising, but the poor dog over the past few months whilst out with my daughter has been viciously attacked twice by other larger dogs and has sustained serious body injuries requiring vetenary attention and stiching up.

Not only has the dog suffered badly but all our family looking after his recovery.

What makes these incidents more concerning is that both the dogs concerned in inflicting these injuries had so called caring owners, but they failed to control them and used that famous excuse “they were only playing”

I personally have also been bitten twice in the last few months whilst out walking by dogs which were out wandering on their own, it is time that owners should be held more responsible when things like this occur.

You always hear from the caring owners that their dogs aren’t dangerous when their out with them, but quite often they are too far away from their pets to control or restrain them and I’m also fed up of uncontrolled dogs jumping up at me and others, this can be real frightening particularly for childen. There is also the fact which you hear so often about the caring owners always picking up the dog dirt this is a joke, I see regularly owners watching their dogs foul pavements and other areas and making no attempt to clean up the mess.

Another issue which really needs attention is dog walkers walking 3, 4 and 5 dogs on their own at the same time, no one person can affectively cope or control so many animals.

It would also appear that a lot of dog owners have serious vision problems, regularly you see signs showing “Dogs must be kept on leads” but they just ignore it they think it doesn’t apply to them.

You also have the so called loving pet owners who have dogs not for pets but for other reasons, it’s such a shame that these people are allowed to keep them.

I’ve seen poor dogs being kicked and punched in the face for not understanding what they are expected to do.

Whilst I accept there are some genuine caring dog owners out there, there are also lots of irresponsible ones who should take proper control of their pets or be dealt with by the legal system.

I really hope that Calderdale Council do take whatever measures are required to resolve this issue and restrict dogs from certain areas and ensure that people who break the law are dealt with correctly.

I have to agree with R Garton that leads should be used in all public areas, before anymore people or animals are injured or worse.

David Regan