I’ll tell you a story about Red Ed

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‘I wanna tell you a story’. This is not Max Bygraves making a farewell appearance but Professor Ed Milliband who has attempted to reinvent himself as party leader in Manchester at the Labour conference.

He admitted Labour got it wrong on immigration when they were in power, claimed Labour would unite the rich and the poor into One Nation and then said he would speak at a trade union march against austerity measures. McCluskey and his left wing pals from the unions will be delighted by the announcement that Red Ed will take part in the union march on October 20th yet floating voters, and this includes many pensioners, may see this latest involvement confirmation of his extremism. Milliband was also fond of telling his audience that his family fled from the Nazis and came to England penniless, he however omitted to mention that his father was a raving Marxist. Milliband was also fond of saying he was a faith man, almost as much as the One Nation which is another borrowed saying. His highlight has to be when he got the Labour delegates to boo at the mention of Michael Gove, a man whose free schools have been welcomed by many parents. Ed’s little boy Daniel had said on a walk ‘I can help you with your speech as I want dinosaurs’. Well he got dinosaurs alright with his friends from the union who backed him all the way to become Labour leader. So I will finish by telling you a story. One faith, One Nation Ed is just a one man face of his union. For all his slating of Cameron and his posh cronies, Ed Milliband is no different and he and his front bench chums will continue to twist the facts to conceal his own privileged background whilst talking up the politics of envy.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green