I support good schools, it’s not a game of politics!

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It is very kind of Andrew Tagg to tell me what I support or do not support.

In fact I do not support Private Schools, Free Schools, Academies, Faith Schools, Trusts, Community Schools or State Schools.
 I do support good quality education for our children and the right of parents both to choose and to be supported to make their choices a reality.
Neither will I make political capital out of such an important issue.
The parents in Skircoat Ward who are experiencing difficulties about school places for their 5 year olds have a right to look at all options, including the system of allocating school places and challenge decisions made in respect of their children. 
This is what they are doing. 
A responsible local politician would not use the very real distress of these parents to make political capital. 
Good schools of whatever sort is what Calderdale Council want for children living in the Borough and parents have the right to say what they want for their children.

Pauline Nash

Councillor Skircoat Ward