I thought this was sorted

I thought we signed petitions against the move some time ago. I thought our MP was involved in getting the library to stay at its present site.

Don’t rake all this up again, for goodness sake. Nobody wants the library to move anywhere because of the ease of access, particularly to elderly people and mothers with toddlers who use the children’s library.

I know that Halifax needs new blood when it comes to the larger stores moving in but surely the space taken up by Northgate House would be sufficient for the purpose? Why knock down a perfectly good building which is used by large numbers of people and which stores the archives which are so valuable?

Why, just for once, can they not leave things alone and agree that the people who put them into power in the first place, and who pay their wages, just might be right for once.

I suspect that if the library is moved to Broad Street it will slowly lose the goodwill of the people who use it because of the access (or lack of) to Broad Street itself. That would mean no more books for reading, no dvd’s or videos to watch, no provision for hard of hearing people by way of “talking books” and no provision for those who rely on the larger print books because their eyesight is bad.

There will be no more students and no more research. Leave the library where it is, just for once let the people decide what is best for them, please!

Ann Coles