I was 40 when I got my first tattoo

Forest Avenue Illingworth

William just how old are you?

Going on about young people and tattoos and wrinkly skin!

I had my first tattoo when I was 40 and no, it was not part of a mid life crisis!

But I was certainly old enough to know what I was doing. I have since had another two. And yes, at some point I dare say they will head south like everything else does as you get older, so what?

I always wanted a tattoo on my ankle so I will wait for the one at the bottom of my back to make the journey south and, hey presto, wish fulfilled.

To a lot of people tattoo's have a meaning and they can represent things that have happened in people's lives, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

I would like to know if you have ever even set foot in a tattoo shop?

Or maybe the thought of over-tattooed hooligans springs to mind as you walk past. Tattooing is an art form and with some extremely talented people they can produce outstanding work.

If at some point you would like to follow up your article with a visit to a tattoo shop I would be more than happy to accompany you - I could even get a tattoo so you could watch!

Rachel Lund (now a 42 year old tattooed person)