I wish him best of luck

Saddleworth Road


Regarding the story about Anthony and Gareth Oldreive of Brunswick Metal Spinners, I would like to express my disgust at the actions of the raiders who stole their property under threat and my sympathy to the father and son who must have endured a frightening ordeal.

I can understand their decision to close the business.

Anthony states that he is approaching retirement age and seems confident in finding part-time employment, I wish him well. I am more concerned for Gareth, as if he was self-employed, he may well find himself in the same position as me.

I ran a business for 25 years and for various reasons I sold my partnership some 16 months ago. Since then I have discovered that I am ineligible for any benefits as self-employed workers NIC contributions do not count. I am apparently also unappealing to potential employers who don’t seem to be keen to interview formerly self-employed people, let alone take them on.

I sincerely hope that Gareth fares better than me and I wish both gentlemen the very best of luck in the future. Carol Caton