I won’t pay to park at Shibden

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“Spend £2 and save 50p on car parking” (Courier, July 4). So the boffins at Calderdale Council are trying to hoodwink the public yet again by making us think we are getting a bargain by spending extortionate money on coffee/ice cream etc at Shibden Park (a public park). Just to save 50p on parking - parking that should be free.

Most people I know go to Shibden to have a leisurely stroll/a game with the kids and then a good old-fashioned picnic. But now a lot of people will go to places like Manor Heath public park for their picnics and strolls. Obviously not the ‘Butterfly Experience’ (they make you pay there too).

When will our council stop robbing the poor to stack up the coffers at the Town Hall just so they can balance the books.

The parks are ours and we should be able to use them for free, as we have for years. I for one won’t be paying to park, I hope others follow suit.

Steve Webster

Myrtle Drive