Impressed by new rail station link

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I happen to have moved fairly recently from Calderdale to Low Moor.

I went to see the plans of the new station two weeks ago and was quite impressed. I will be able to go to Halifax and Brighouse to do my shopping!

There is parking available but it is within walking distance of my new home.

Having now read of the objections as to the siting I can only say that on one side of Cleckheaton Road is an unused former industrial area covered in grass and derelict buildings, while on the other side local residents have developed a very pleasant nature reserve.

This has some natural ponds and some heathland which is apparently very rare in this part of the country, which leads on to a small woodland area. In this very ugly industrial part of Bradford, it is a small beautiful area which is well used and appreciated.

Margaret Wilson

Caldene Avenue