Interest in saving unique heritage

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Whitwell Grove


We would like to say “Thank you” to all the people who attended the meeting on Calderdale’s industrial heritage at Bankfield Museum on Wednesday May 19.

The turnout was far better than we had dared hope for and reflects the care and concern that people have for the conservation and retention of the area’s industrial artefacts.

But then, as was said at the meeting, our industrial heritage is unique and special and is neither served nor represented by museums in other places.

And, as was equally strongly voiced, that heritage belongs to the people of Calderdale.

In these time of financial constraint there is much to do to ensure that developments can proceed as people would wish, but the passion and commitment shown that evening were heartwarming.

A further meeting will be called in the near future to give focus and direction to all that energy, and we look forward to meeting even more people then.

Lyndon and Barbara Shearman